Operation: Picky Eater Problem

It’s confession time! I am a total self-admitted foodie. I love food! Everything… cooking, baking, eating, all of it is right up my alley along with buying all those really cool kitchen gadgets you see on TV.

Here’s another confession- This self-proclaimed foodie who is willing to try anything food- related at least once is the mom of three of the pickiest eaters on the planet.  My family’s picky eater problem has turned this foodie mama into a short order cook everyday of the week.  I have even contemplated putting a sign up out front that says “Mommy’s Kitchen… Kids eat free!” Sound familiar? Maybe something like this.

Recently, I realized that my picky eater problem was out of control, way out of control. I was spending so much time cooking three to four different meals every night that it became exhausting, time consuming, and just plain expensive. On top of all of that, I was beginning to realize that their pickiness in terms of food was causing some nutritonal short falls in my daughters’ diets.  As a mom who tries to promote an overall healthly lifestyle, this was starting to worry me.

Sure, I could force them to eat what I cook and make them sit at the dinner table until they clean their plate. Admittedly, there were times when those words did come out of my mouth. Has that happened to you?  It’s ok.  It happens and you are certainly not alone in saying that.  All you want them to do is to eat a meal that consists of more than goldfish crackers and fruit snacks, right?  We all want the best for our kids.  However, I realized that forcing them to eat was not the best approach for my kids… it backfired, caused more a mealtime meltdown than normal, and left this short order cook feeling like the worst mom in the world!  There just had to be a better way to get my picky eaters to not be so darn picky!

So what do I have up my sleeve?  A family food blog centered around my adventures as I try to cure my picky eater problem once and for all.  That’s right. I am going to get the kids in the kitchen with me. They are going to plan, prep, and help cook the family meals right along side of me.  I will share family recipes that have been a proven success in my house as well as tips and tricks I have learned or used along the way to help rid my house of picky eaters.

This might sound like I have gone absolutely bonkers but trust me, it is going to be a win-win for this mom.  Not only am I hoping to cure my picky eater problem and help other picky eater parents along the way, but I also have some added bonus features built in.  Bonus #1- I love to cook with my kids!  Yay!  Bonus #2- Cooking is one of the most well-rounded, educational activities that you can do with your kids no matter what age they are. They will be learning and not even know it!  Double yay!  As my four year old says,”high five for that one, Mommy!”

So to all those parents of picky eaters out there… You are not alone in your quest to unify you family’s food preferences.  We can do this together!  Check out my game plan here to see how I am getting my family started.  I hope you will join me on my adventure!